Cyber Investigations

We are specialized in the field of cybercrime and support our clients in cyber investigations processes.


We combine the knowledge of local and multijurisdictional regulations, and thus help our clients to minimize risks and deal with reguatory and compliance issues.

Contract Drafting and Design

We own an outstanding capabilities in drafting and designing contracts in an optimum form.

Cybersecurity Consultation

We value the importance of minimizing the chances of cyberattacks and we assist you to build a cyber resilient system.
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LexofTech is a group of experts standing for a commitment majorly based on an insight of the future. Whether assisting the society members to deal with technology, or supporting them in safeguarding their rights, our firm is aiming at accomplishing the highest ranking position in the field through providing a maximum quality services in the assortment of the legal aspects..
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Contract Drafting and Design
  • Arbitration
  • IP Protection


Law and Technology
Professional legal and technical consultations at your fingertips

Corporate Law
Representing our clients in all degrees of litigation

Intellectual Property
Experts in patents, copyrights, and other IP rights consultations

Business Litigation
Upholding and representing firms before the courts

Amicable Dispute Resolution
From neogtiation and mediation to arbitration and litigation
Data Governance
Drafting policies to manage the security and integrity of data

Consumer Protection
Supporting consumers in market practices

Security and Privacy
It is our priority to dedicate ourselves for safeguarding personal data rights

Frequently asked

If you would like additional information or have more in-depth questions regarding your particular situation, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help you with all your needs.
  • I have programmed a software that perform different tasks, how can I legally protect my software?
    - Our firm is specialized in this type of consultation, and we are happy to support you in protecting your software and your code both in your home country and internationally, just get in touch to get a quote.
  • As parents with young children, how can we (spouses) guarantee what our children will be provided for if something happen to both of us (parents)?
    - As parents with young children, it's important to have a Last Will & Testament (and/or a Trust) which designates a legal guardian to care for the personal and financial needs of your children if something (e.g., a serious car accident, a major illness, etc.) should happen to both you and your spouse. If you don’t have a Life & Estate Plan which sets-up a guardian plan to care for your children, then your children could end-up in Child Protective Services until the court system is able to sort out who should be appointed as their legal guardian.
  • Is long-term care insurance worth the cost?
    - The premium costs associated with long-term care insurance can certainly be substantial. However, for those who later need to utilize such policy benefits to cover their substantial long-term care costs, it could truly end-up being a worthwhile investment. As part of our services, we could have you speak with one of our trusted long-term care insurance advisors (at absolutely no obligation to you) to explore the various policy options and related costs (i.e., perform a cost-benefit analysis), and see if long-term care insurance would make sense for your particular situation.
  • What are your legal fees?
    - Our legal fees vary based on the extent of the legal work to be performed and the anticipated amount of time to be expended on each matter. Once we have an opportunity to sit-down together with you and fully review your situation and determine exactly what legal work needs to be performed on your behalf, we'll quote a fee to complete any projected legal work to be performed on your case. Thereafter, you may decide whether you would like to move forward with our Services. There is absolutely no obligation on your part to proceed beyond the initial consultation if you do not wish to do so.
  • Do You Offer Any Alternatives to an In-Office Consultation?
    - We realize that hectic work schedules and busy family lives sometimes makes it challenging for prospective clients to find the time to come into our office for their initial consultation. For this reason, and for your convenience, we offer our prospective clients the opportunity to "attend" the initial consultation by way of a telephone conference call or a virtual meeting (via Zoom or Microsoft teams).

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